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DWD Protocol® is a diabetes lifestyle health technology built to empower patients and engage their doctors. Our mission is to help support natural sugar metabolism, weight management and organ function as part of a balanced diet. Our proprietary Lifestyle Blueprint® is a ground breaking formula that could help you reach your life's goals*..

We intend to change the world’s mind on diabetes, why not yours?


A Personal touch

DWD Protocol is a natural system that is bringing a brand new approach on health and wellness to those seeking to manage type-2 diabetes. We offer our unique Lifestyle Blueprint® system complementary to our step-by-step guides, personalized technology, social support community platform, and supplementary vitamins. The entire system is specifically designed for managing sugar metabolism, weight management and organ function as part of a balanced diet.

Since diabetes is a dietary disease, each of the 400+million individuals with diabetes needs encouragement and personalized step-by-step knowhow. Our proprietary Lifestyle Blueprint® system seek to be a unique combination that together create the single most powerful formula to help people support balanced blood sugar levels and weight management*.

How it works

Our combination of key natural supplements with a moderate hypocaloric diet could be a key in seeking to improve metabolic disturbances linked to impaired glucose tolerance, obesity, and insulin resistance*.

The DWD Protocol® system is based off the work of Professor Roy Taylor and colleagues at Newcastle University(5).

The DWD Protocol® Supplement is made in Vermont USA, all natural, non-toxic, non-GMO. It‘s also the only supplement to contain the combination of Glucevia, GlucodOX, and BenofoPure.

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Our DWD Protocol supplement contains a unique combination of natural ingredients that together create the single most powerful formula to help people support balanced blood sugar levels and weight management*

It’s the only supplement to contain:

Glucevia TM - A patented European Ash extract intended to supports blood sugar within normal levels.* With berberine, chromium, milk thistle, resveratrol, and biotin.(2)

GlucodOX TM - Intended To help a better management of sugar level and may support healthy levels of leptin*, the hormone responsible for hunger.(3)

BenfoPure TM - benfotiamine formulation, seek to support the healthy metabolism of excess sugar. .(4)

  • Seeks to support healthy glucose levels directly
  • Seeks to support healthy insulin sensitivity
  • Seeks to support healthy nerve innervation
  • Non-GMO ingredients

Why we care

According to the international Diabetes Federation the number of people with diabetes has risen from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014. Most of these cases are due to lack of education on nutrition, diet, and lifestyle. The Center for Disease Control estimates almost all type 2 diabetes cases are result of a lack of physical activity and/or obesity, accounting for 95% of diagnosed diabetes cases. In 2012, approximately 1.5 million people died from diabetes and another 2.2 million deaths were attributable to high blood glucose (who.int). By 2030 diabetes is projected to become the 7th leading cause of death (who.int). Today, approximately 187 million are not even aware they have the disease (IDF). As a result, these people will see their medical expenses double and their quality of life diminish.

Unknown to most, diabetes type 2 is a dietary disease, and with advanced diets and proper supplements it's possible to reach a better control*.

There is a clear pattern by the medical mainstream to encourage pharmacotherapy. These treatments only solve symptoms, not the cause, in addition to having many side effects and complications. Currently, there are no mainstream natural alternatives to pharmacotherapy. DWD Protocol® could disrupts this pattern. Let's together change the norm.

(In 1980)
108 million
people with diabetes
(In 2014)
422 million
people with diabetes

The Truth of Diabetes...

  • Diabetes is a dietary disease
  • Diabetes is a disease of high insulin resistance and insulin injection “treatments” make diabetes worse in sufferers.

The Big Myths of Diabetes...

  • Diabetes is a chronic progressive disease
  • Lowering Blood Sugars should be the primary goal of therapy

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DWD Protocol® invites you to a way of living that differs starkly from the old pharmaceutical model which only attacks the symptoms of the disease. Our step by step Lifestyle Blueprint® Guide will immerse you in our amazing communication platform, educate you in an engaging way, and show you the best diet and exercise paths to ensure your success. Because DWD Protocol® is about story sharing and creating a culture that recognizes that diabetes could be managed in a better way*. Our platform adapts to each individual allowing us to communicate directly with the patient. Our platform encompasses everything the patient needs to succeed. It’s built on community support, easy-to-follow guides, inspirational videos, supplementary products, educational insights, and telemedicine.

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